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blase; leerer schein, tand; schwindel

mit luft gefüllt, aufsteigend/ herabfallend,
zarte hülle, durchsichtig, schillernd, irisierend
verschiedene größen

wertlos, bestandlos, gaukelt wert vor/ inhalt hohl
kann schön sein, kann gefallen, kann gesammelt werden

gelogen, der wahrheit nicht entsprechend,
drehbewegungen, unwuchten,
das sichtbare/ gehörte entspricht nicht dem eigentlichen,

bubble; appearances are deceiving, bric-a-brac; fraud

inflated, ascending/ falling,
delicate shell, translucent, dazzling, iridescent,
different sizes
valueless, ephemeral, fake value/ hollow,

may be pretty, may please, may be collected,

made-up, truth not be told,
rotation, out-of-balance,
the visible/ audible does not correspond to reality,

bubbles slowly separate from last year’s cloud: bubble sensations these paintings represent emotional spheres, reminiscent of, e.g., a rainy street at night or of the social cheerfulness with which people interact during the day and which claims the kind of respect you also wish for at nighttime, when you are emotionally exhausted from the day

in the following paintings encounters are forming the so-called social clusters
groups may be identified, which are defined e.g. by colors, later those groups split up into images of
social clusters- ideal or real

def. cluster: a set of individual parts

personal emotional experiences are extracted from the clusters, forming bubble shapes,
that depict the emotional expression of a person

the large-format and small pictures are painted on untreated canvas or cotton on some of them the colors form multiple layers, which partly show through. from a snapshot a certain emotion is extracted. in the series private feelings the feeling of a person in a particular moment is analyzed and explored. the three series daltonian, greenhorn and sweet strawberry originate from the year 2014.
at first daltonian seems not to give in to the variety of emotional life. viewed individually, the palette in every picture is limited to various shades of grey. only when the pictures are juxtaposed or placed within colorful surroundings, color can be detected. all kind of colors lie dormant under the grey of the surface and become more or less visible – depending on the mixture. but often it is only the title that hints at the use of colorful pigments.
greenhorn plays with different nuances of neon green. like a greenhorn wanting to explore its limits, first weak, then strong, first brisk, then shy. the mixture is not yet complet. and finally the series sweet strawberry, which is designed for the symbolical number of 99 paintings. red shades, sometimes closely spaced, sometimes in bubbles that are drifting apart, are trying to explore their depth. emotions do not have an unchangeable form, even if they are of one and the same person. there are times when they drift apart and times when they suck us in. it is an endless process. in the beginning the bubbles emerged from the cloud-pictures of the previous series. however in the later works, the bubbles have symbolically grown more solid. nevertheless, most of them remain translucent. and that is the reason why some of them no longer retain the original bubble form, but we still know about their nature:
ascending, falling, bursting, if you try to hold them, each different, sometimes considered valueless, they can be pretty or just give the impression, they may fool us, fleeting in any

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